Member of the Rotary Club of Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills are now selling Nevada tickets as well as our annual 50-50 tickets to raise funds for local charities.  Nevada tickets are also known as 'break open tickets' are paper tickets that offer a chance to win instant prizes of up to $100 in cash.  You win if you tear open the perforated covers on your ticket and reveal a winning combination of symbols - for example if your ticket reveals 3 cherry symbols then you win $1.  Nevada tickets cost 50 cents each and in accordance with Ontario rules you need to open the tickets in front of the seller and all proceeds will go to local charities.  
Tickets for the Rotary's annual 50-50 tickets are also on sale now.  These tickets cost $5 each and last year's winner took home over $2000!  The 50-50 ticket draw will be held at the Women's fair (see the next story) on 2 November at the Carleton Place Arena (upstairs).  You do not have to be present to win!
Both the Nevada and the 50-50 tickets are being sold at the Giant Tiger store at 320 Coleman St, Carleton Place between 9 AM and 8 PM on Thursdays and Fridays. 
The people selling the tickets are a combination of Rotary members and friends of Rotary who also belong to the Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital auxiliary.  These people volunteer their time to sell the tickets, oversee people opening their tickets, and hand out prizes.  So, the next time you enter the Giant Tiger store and see that table please stop and buy a few tickets!  You can also ask the volunteers on duty there for information about joining the Rotary club. 
The Rotary Club of Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills would like to thank Giant Tiger for donating space for the table and Bradda Printing for donating the 50-50 ticket printing.
50/50 Draw
$5 each
Only 1500 tickets to be sold - Thanks to Bradda Printing for the tickets
Nov. 2, 2019 at
The Women’s Fair
CP Arena (upstairs)
You Do NOT have to be present
All proceeds to local charities
Now available
Thursdays and Fridays with Nevada Tickets at Giant Tiger
A BIG THANKS for donating the space!  
      Nevada License # 828519                                                                                        50/50 License #828516